Incinerator Slag – Single-Stage Drum Separator

Among the various residues from waste incinerator there is heavy slag formed from unburned waste, containing in addition to glass and other inert materials, different metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, such as aluminium, steel, copper and brass.

The incinerator slag treatment process requires the use of eddy current separators, and sensor-based sorters for the concentration of non-ferrous metals and the Heavy Media plant for the separation of aluminium from the other metals.

The type of separator used for the treatment of non-ferrous metals from incinerator slag is the single-density Single-Stage Drum Separator used to separate Aluminium from heavy metals. It is not necessary to use the Double-Stage Drum Separator since Magnesium, which is present in the slag in a smaller amount than Zorba, burns in the incinerator.

The incinerator slag contains a high quantity of fine dusts, and therefore it is necessary to remove them before they mix with the media. Protec provides its own complete Sink-Float plant fitted with prewash drum and sludge treatment plant.

This type of application requires using a high density obtainable with a mixture of water and Ferrosilicon.



‘Float’ –>>> Aluminium
 ‘Sink’ –>>> mixed high density non-ferrous metals