About us

PROTEC was founded in 1994 by some technical specialists with extensive experience in the areas of scrap metal recovery, enrichment of minerals, industrial water treatment, metallurgical plants, as well as in many other technical applications for industrial plants.

This experience has been successfully used for the design and manufacture of machinery and plants of the highest quality and efficiency.

The core business of PROTEC is the gravimetric separation by sink-float, originally applied in the mining field. This type of process is widely used for the separation and recovery of metals from industrial and electronic scrap products as well as in the recovery of metals from incinerator ash and in the treatment of plastics.

Among the features of PROTEC there is the ability to adapt each application to the actual requirements of the customer; this means to make a correct choice of suitable machines and equipment and provide all those process and plant engineering suggestions necessary to ensure the successful and profitable operation of the plant.

The activity of PROTEC does not end with the delivery of the machines needed for the plant construction but it completes the supply with the supervision of their installation, commissioning and testing, in addition to the calibration of equipment and operator training.