Residue From Eddy Current – Screw Drum

The Protec flotation process ensures the recovery of metals, mainly Stainless Steel and electric cables, which are present in the residues of eddy current separators used to concentrate the non-ferrous metal coming from crushed ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue). 

The ECS eddy current separators, cannot recover all the metals. Some types of metal that do not react to the thrust generated by the eddy currents are lost in the waste fraction: Austenitic Stainless Steel, electric cables and copper wires.

The Protec flotation for the treatment of ASR crushed waste allows concentrating the metals in the Sink fraction and to produce a Float fraction consisting of a mixture of Plastics and Rubbers that, in addition to being virtually metal-free, is free from stones and glass; for this reason the Protec flotation plant is the first step for the separation of plastics.

The Screw Drum Separator thanks to its features is optimal for the treatment of difficult materials such as electrical cables, wires and coils.

This type of application requires using a low density obtainable with a mixture of water and Magnetite. 


‘Float’   –>>>   Rubbers & Plastics with no free metal and free from stones/glass

‘Sink’   –>>>   Stainless steel, electrical cables, Copper wires, other metals, stone/glass, heavy Rubbers