Weee Electronic Scrap – Single-Stage Drum Separator

The processes used for the recovery of electronic scrap WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment also called EOL Electronic (End-of-Life Electronic products) are characterized by the use of one or more crushing stages in turn coupled to the separation in the eddy current to obtain a concentrate of non-ferrous metals.

Similarly to the case for Zorba obtained from the crushing of ELV (End-of-life vehicles) it is necessary to use FLOTATION for the separation of Aluminium from heavy metals.

The type of drum commonly used for this application is the Single-Stage Drum Separator which operates at a density of 3.2 kg/l.

Some electronic boards, having the same specific gravity of Aluminium, float along with it, requiring the use of an additional separation system. For example, the optical separation that will be favoured by the good distribution and washing of the material exiting from the flotation.

This type of application requires using a high density obtainable with a mixture of water and Ferrosilicon.


‘Float’    –>>>   Aluminium, possibly contaminated from populated circuit boards.

‘Sink’    –>>>   Stainless Steel and other high density mixed non-ferrous metals