Zorba Non-Ferrous Metals – Double-Stage Drum Separator

Dense media separation is an ideal process for separating the mixed non-ferrous metal scrap (Zorba) obtained from the shredding of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) and other materials. 

Protec has further developed this process by designing the Dual-Density Double-Stage Drum Separator.  

The Dual-Density Double-Stage Drum Separator consists in a single drum split into two separate chambers, each containing a different media density.  In this way, two separation steps are carried out by a single machine, yielding furnace ready aluminium “Twitch”, high density mixed non-ferrous metals “Zebra” and a light fraction comprised of magnesium alloys and other light materials such as rubber, plastic and wood. 

Both the installation and operating costs of the Dual-Density Double-Stage Drum Separator are significantly lower than dense media separation processes based on two separate single density stages. 

This type of application requires using a high density obtainable with a mixture of water and Ferrosilicon. 


Low Density ‘Float’      –>>>   Magnesium alloys and other light materials such as rubber, plastic and wood 

High Density ‘Float’      –>>>   Furnace-ready’ aluminium – ‘Twitch’ 

High Density Sink         –>>>   High density mixed non-ferrous metals – ‘Zebra’